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Esclavitud Mariana

This slavery is also called by the saint, “willing” or “loving slavery.” We freely and willingly, moved only by love, offer ourselves and all our goods to Mary and to Jesus Christ through her. 1


By this slavery of love, we offer Christ through Mary not only our bodies, souls, and exterior goods, but also our past, present, and future good works, together with their satisfactory and meritorious value. Thus, may the Mother of Heaven dispose of everything according to her goodwill.2 We are certain that through Mary, Mother of the Incarnate Word, we must go to Him, and that she will form “great saints.”3


Saint Louis Marie wants the faithful who consecrate themselves to be willing to work constantly and daily in order to live this consecration well, which becomes a school of spirituality that leads to holiness.


The preparatory exercises, as conceived by the saint, propose emptying the soul of the spirit of the world and its own self-love, in such a way that, the soul may “imbue [itself] with the spirit of Jesus through the most Blessed Virgin.”4

At the end of the Secret of Mary, Saint Louis Marie compares the consecration with the tree of life, which will yield its fruit in due season, and this fruit is Jesus Christ. Thus, it is a seed thrown on the ground, which needs time and care in order to grow.


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Happy is that soul in which Mary, the Tree of Life,
is planted. Happier still is the soul in which
she has been able to grow and blossom. Happier
again is the soul in which she brings forth her fruit.
But happiest of all is the soul which savors the
sweetness of Mary's fruit and preserves it up till
death and then beyond to all eternity. Amen.
(Secret of Mary,, 78)


If you want to consecrate yourself totally to Jesus Christ through our Blessed Mother, we want to help you. We will make formation programs, catechetical videos, and carry out other initiatives that can prepare you for this consecration or
renewal. All this for the sole purpose to reach a state of constant abandonment in Jesus Christ through Mary.




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